25 Christmas Traditions to Start with your Family

 Our family grew by one this year! Capri will be a month old this Christmas and i'm beyond excited about starting new Christmas traditions as a family of three! (well, four with Buddy)

 I asked you guys to share some of the unique traditions in your family and you all had so many good ideas. I know many mommas are out there brainstorming ways to make the holidays extra special for their littles. I've complied a list of 15 holiday traditions that will make Christmas time extra magical for your family. 

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1. Twelve Days of Christmas Books

Wrap up twelve books and place them under the Christmas tree. Each night leading up to Christmas (starting December 13th), unwrap a book and read it by the tree or fireplace!

Here are some of my favorite Christmas themed books:
(Click the image to checkout the books + descriptions!)

2. Memorable Ornament

Each year, gift your kids an ornament to represent their year. It can represent a hobby, family vacation, favorite food, milestone, etc!

You can also grab a clear plastic ornament and fill it with something special from that year. (EX: hospital bracelets to symbolize baby's birth)

3. Christmas PJs + Movie the Night Before Christmas

Wear matching PJs the night before Christmas. Curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and watch a holiday classic.

4. Santa's Breakfast

Surprise your kiddos one morning in December with a decorated breakfast table filled with Santa's favorite breakfast items. 

Here are some ideas:

- Gingerbread Waffles

- Santa Pancakes

-Snowman Hot Chocolate

-Reindeer Donuts

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5. Spread Joy to those in Need

Gather as many family members as you can and prepare lunch bags filled with homemade sandwiches, chips, water bottles, and a mini hand sanitizer. Drive around town handing out bags to those in need during the holiday season.

6. Holiday Charcuterie Board

Host an annual holiday charcuterie board night! Stock up on holiday snacks and sweets (Trader Joes has a great selection of themed treats!) Each child is in charge of designing a mini charcuterie board.
Here are some inspo pics:

7. Handprint Ornament

Create an ornament with your child's handprint each year and engrave the year on the back. Compare the handprint sizes each year to watch how much they're grown!

8. Donuts & Christmas Lights

Put on your family PJs, jump in the car, stop at your local Dunkin' Donuts to grab some hot chocolate & donuts, and drive around your neighborhood to enjoy the Christmas lights.

9. Show your Appreciation

Show your appreciation for delivery workers during the holiday season by setting up a 'Thank You' station in your front porch. Fill up goody bags with snacks and add some water bottles.

The sign is a freebie designed by @TheAmyGroesbeck 
(Check out her Instagram to get access to the link!)

10. Winter Bucket List

Create a winter bucket list with your kids. Jot down each idea on a slip of paper and place them inside of a jar. Each day (or weekend!), take out a slip and enjoy the activity with your family! 

11. Carrots for Santa's Reindeer

Leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas eve? Don't forget about his helpers! Add some carrots to your plate for Santa's Reindeer.

12. A Day at the Christmas Tree Farm

Spend the day at the Christmas tree farm. Pack some lunch, set up a picnic, and pick out your family Christmas tree.

13. Light it Up Bicycle Ride

Add some garland and string lights to your bicyles and take a ride around the neighborhood. Want to make it an extra special ride? Bring a small speaker and play Christmas music as you tour the neighborhood with your family.

14. Hot Chocolate Bar + Decorating

Surprise your kiddos with a hot cocoa bar stocked with Christmas mugs, marshmallows, gingerbread cookies, sprinkles, peppermint sticks, and anything else you can find to fit the theme! Decorate your home while sipping on some warm chocolate. 

>>> Read more on how to set up a hot chocolate bar

15. Pizza Night

A nontraditional spin to Christmas dinner-- homemade pizzas on Christmas day!

16. Cookie Decorating Contest

Host an annual Christmas decorting contest with your family and friends. Pick a theme each year and set up all the decorating goodies! You'll need cookie cutters, icing, sprinkles, candy, etc. Have some boxes ready so that your guests can take some cookies home. 

 Here are some cookie theme ideas: 

 + Gingerbread Men

+ Christmas Trees

+ Santa 

+ Snowmen 

 + Ornaments

     + Reindeer

17. Pack Shoeboxes for Kids

Tis' the season for giving. Pack a shoebox filled with toys and goodies for kids in need. Learn more about packing a shoebox here.

18. Design Ugly Sweaters

Design your own ugly Christmas sweaters. Grab some white sweatshirts, craft paint, gemstones, patches and see which family member can come up with the most creative design.

19. Holiday Campout

If the weather permits, camp out in your backyard. Wear Christmas PJs, read Christmas stories, and munch on holiday snacks.

20. Surprise your Neighbors

Fill small stockings with treats and hang them on your neighbors' doorknobs.

21. Kindness Advent Calendar

Instead of an advent calendar containing treats inside, how about a calendar filled with kindness acts? Fill each date with a slip of paper containing a random act of kindness. 

Here are some ideas: 

 + Pay for someone's coffee 

 + Spread kindness post-it notes around the grocery store 

+ Write a letter to the mail carrier thanking them 

 + Shovel snow for a neighbor

 + Donate food to a food bank 

 + Drop donuts off at the local fire station 

 + Take coloring books to the children's hospital

22. Christmas Tree in Every Room

Set up a themed Christmas tree in every room of the house. Let your kiddos choose the theme for their bedroom tree every year and help DIY ornaments to match.

23. Santa's Magic

Leave a trail of 'Santa's Magic' (glitter) and footprints around the house on Christmas day. 

23. Set up an Animal Toy Drive

Many animals are in need during the holiday season and the local animal shelter is always accepting donations! Design flyers to place around the neighborhood letting your neighbors know that you'll be collecting items to drop off at the shelter. 

Here are some items that are usually needed: 

 (Check with your local animal shelter for a more specific list) 

 + Dog & Cat Food

 + Snacks 

 + Toys 

 + Blankets

24. Twenty-Five Days of Gratitude Tree

Have each family member share something they are grateful for each day in December. Write down each response on a cutout ornament and place it on the 'Gratitude Tree'. 

25. Christmas Memory Book

Include special memories, traditions, and photos to represent the holidays throughout the years.

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I hope these traditions make the holidays extra special for your family and little ones!



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