What is Classroom Management & Why is it Important?

This post is part one of the Fundamental Four Series! This series was created to help teachers tackle the four essential components of a successful school year. 

What is Classroom Management and Why is it Important?

Classroom management is one of the key components of effective teaching. It includes the skills and strategies that teachers use to ensure students are organized, focused, on-task, and productive during the class day. 

With a proper classroom management system in place, you’re able to spend less time redirecting and more time focusing on instruction. Being able to focus on a lesson can be difficult when you have students engaged in side conversations, other kiddos out of their seats, and kiddos rummaging through their backpacks searching for materials.

Three Tips for an Effective Classroom Management System: 

1)   BE CONSISTENT.—Whatever classroom management system it is that you decide to implement, stick to it! If you will use Class Dojo and explain to your students that they will earn a point for specific behaviors, then MAKE SURE you are really giving those points every time the behaviors are exhibited. No one likes empty promises—especially kids. If you explain the rewards and consequences of a system to them, then you must follow through with it. Trust me, kiddos catch on when they see you’re not consistent. “Eh, she never really gives us Dojo points when we’re on task. What’s the point of trying to behave?” 

2)    INDIVIDUAL STUDENT & CLASS-WIDE INCENTIVES ARE NECESSARY- Not only should students be able to work to achieve their personal behavior goals, but they should feel responsible for some type of class-wide goal. Class-wide goals teach kiddos the importance of working as a team and how to motivate one another. I like to use the ‘Unlock the Prize” in my classroom. We set a class-wide behavior goal and the class earns a key every time they exhibit a behavior that matches the goal.
Photo Credit: @2ndStateofMind
How to Use: Laminate the chart and the matching keys. Place a magnet/velcro behind each colored key. Stick the magnetized key above the B&W key every time the class demonstrated a desired behavior.

3)   FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE- Now, I’m not saying you shouldn't have consequences for inappropriate student behaviors. There most definitely should be and your students should know what the consequences are. However, make sure to always try to focus on the positive. Something as simple as the way you say things to your students can make a huge impact. Remember, our goal isn't  to embarrass our students. 

Using Class Dojo as a Classroom Management Tool:

My go-to classroom management tool is Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a website which allows teachers to reward students with points for positive behaviors. Each student has an avatar which projects on the promethean board along with all of the other students' avatars. Students are able to see and hear when they receive or lose a point. (I don't like taking away points. I usually just focus on the positive behaviors and it automatically motivates those 'off-task' students to get it together. LOL) 
Parents can also access the app on their phones and monitor how their child is behaving throughout the school day.
Class Dojo has been a serious game changer!

Classroom Economy System

There is more than just intristic motivation behind these points. Yes, kiddos want to impress their parents when they get home and show off how many points they've earned that day.
However, our Classroom Economy System is what motivates them even more. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I do not reset student points until the new week has started. On Friday, if students have 10 or more points, they are able to cash out their points for "Class Cash".

Reward Coupons in the Classroom 

Students use this cash to purchase coupons from our Coupon Catalog. I usually allow them to purchase coupons every Friday during the last 5 minutes of class. They decide whether they want to purchase a coupon or if they want continue saving their cash for an even better coupon.
All Dojo points are reset on Monday morning. This way students have a fresh start and are able to work towards those 10+ points every week! 
The best part about having a classroom economy and reward coupons is that I no longer have to spend money every week restocking our treasure box. Coupons reward students with privileges that make them feel special. What kid would't love sitting at the teacher's desk and using the VIP supplies?!

Want to sample out the coupons? 
Boost up your classroom management with these 8 FREE reward coupons! 


Head over to Courtney's blog to read all about her Classroom Management system! She's also sharing some exclusive freebies with you! ;)

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