Five Classroom Organization Ideas

This post is part two of the Fundamental Four Series! This series was created to help teachers tackle the four essential components of a successful school year. 

Why is Organization Important in a Classroom?

If you're a first year teacher, you'll soon discover the massive amount of paper work you'll have to sort through on a daily basis. Maintaining some kind of organizational system is KEY to a healthy school year. 

I'm sharing some organizational hacks and ideas that have worked for me throughout my teaching career. If you're not an organized person, that's totally fine! One tiny change in the way you collect papers or where you 'store' papers can go a long way. 

1. Using Student Numbers to Stay Organized

Do you want to make your life 100 times easier? Assign student numbers. Print out a class roster in alphabetical order and assign each student a number based on their order. 

When collecting assignments, I call students up in numerical order. The assignments are automatically in alphabetical order which means I can easily grade, input, and file without having to reorganize them.

Students change out their numbers each month when changing their classroom job. 
Pictured: Leadership Roles Travel Theme Job Chart

Here are a few things that are also a lot easier when you have assigned student numbers:

- Changing out classroom jobs: Switch out their numbers on the chart using velcro

-Assigning laptops or tech materials: You know exactly which student using each laptop

-Lining up: Call students up in number order

2. Use an Organizational Cart to Sort Copies/Assignments

Once I collect the assignments, I place them in the 'to be graded' drawer of my organizational cart. This cart has been an absolute LIFE SAVER. It helps me keep all of my papers in one place. If i'm done grading, the papers move to the "input in gradebook" and then to the "to file" drawer. This system helps me visualize just how much needs to get done, while also keeping all the clutter off my desk. 

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3. Debrief and File with Students

I truly believe in the power of letting students reflect on their work after its been graded. They should be able to see what they did well on and what their areas for growth are.

 I pass out student work on a bi-weekly basis. Students spend about five minutes looking over their work, plugging percentages into their data chart, and reflecting on areas for growth. I call students up in number order and have them place all of their papers inside of their filing folder. This whole process only takes about 10-15 minutes at the end of the day, while saving me tons of filing time. #winwin

4. Keep Your Copies Organized

We have a copy assistant at our school who makes copies for us on a weekly basis. It's truly a blessing. I have my lesson plans and activities planned before my copy day so that i'm able to get everything done on time. 

I used to place a post-it note on every piece of paper that needed copying. I quickly realized that my directions were pretty much the same every week."23 copies front and back, 23 copies single sided, 23 copies stapled..." So, I grabbed a couple of cloth pins and wrote down the different copy procedures on them. Now, I spend less time writing on sticky notes and can actually use my sticky notes for student note-taking. 
Once the copies are done, I organize them inside my 'days of the week' folders. I take out the folder from the rolling cart every morning and keep it on my desk. All of my copies are organized and ready for the day!

You can grab the Days of the Week Folder templates below. 

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5. Keep Copies on Hand!

There are certain documents that we use over and over as teachers. Our school requires absent forms every time a student is absent. We also use lots of checklists, recap sheets to track fundraiser money, and accident reports. I make a ton of copies of each document in the beginning of the year and store them in my accordion hanger behind my desk. I know exactly where to find them when I need them! 

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I can't wait to see you get organized this school year! If you decide to use any of these hacks or ideas, make sure to snap a photo and tag me on Insta! @SweetToothTeaching

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  1. I don't see the Days of the Week file labels in the resource library. Is there a specific place I should look? Thank you :)

  2. I love these ideas! Especially the one with the dates on the clothespins. Genius!! :-)

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