8 Summer Reading Ideas That Will Motivate Your Students

Summer Reading Ideas for Kids

The end of the school year is quickly approaching! As we all know, keeping our kiddos engaged in reading over the summer can be quite challenging. Did you know that 20% of children ages 6–17 read zero books over the summer? 

My ultimate goal as an educator is to inspire students to become lifelong readers. I want each and everyone of them to love books just as much as I did when I was a kid. (& still do!)

Since the school year is almost over, I've decided to share some ideas on how we can motivate our kiddos to keep reading over the summer.

1- Send Home a Summer Challenge and/or Reading Bucket List.

Some kiddos stay at home all summer glued to their tablet. By providing a list of reading "challenges", they are more likely to grab a book and find a comfy spot around the house (or at the park!). 

2- Read & Write
Ask your kiddos to write you a letter over the summer telling you all about a book they read. If you get the chance, write back to them! We all know kids love getting a handwritten letter in the mail.

3-  Parent Tips & Ideas
Send home a parent letter with tips & ideas for incorporating reading into their daily routine. Start With A Book is a great website to share with parents. It includes tons of activities and books tied to different topics. 

4-Scholastic Read-A-Palooza
 Encourage your kiddos to join the Scholastic Read-A-Palooza Summer Challenge over the summer break.

5- Plan a Reading "Date" with your Students 
Invite your kiddos (and parents) to meet you at the local library a day during the summer. Catch up on what everyone is doing while encouraging students to check out books. 

6- Gift a Book
 Many students do not have books at home, nor do they have access to a library. You can use your Scholastic points to gift your students a book at the end of the year. Scholastic has a large variety of $1 books available or books you can 'purchase' with your points. 
Grab the Summer Tags HERE. 

7- Find Local Reading Events
Find out what events and exhibits are taking place in the area over the summer. Create a list or calendar of local summer learning events taking place and share it with your students and families.

8- Introduce the Family Book Club to your Student Families. 
Jodie from Growing Book by Book has created a Family Book Club which is designed to increase family involvement and literacy. Each monthly theme focuses on a different character trait. She shares books to match each trait, conversation starters, themed dinner menus, crafts to decorate the dining table, and matching family service projects. 

I hope these ideas were helpful! Feel free to share any other great Summer Reading ideas in the comments below.
Have a fun & safe summer friends!


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