Testing Bootcamp- A Classroom Transformation

State Testing Classroom Transformation

Testing season is here! Everyone's favorite time of the year--- said no one ever!
Actually, I do kind of enjoy the prepping that goes along with testing season. Okay, hear me out before you think I am absolutely out of my mind.
I love creating review lessons and activities that are engaging for my kiddos. Testing season is the best time to put all of those skills we've learned throughout the year together and create a meaningful transformation for the babes! 
For the last two years, I've hosted a testing bootcamp the week right before state testing. Ya'll, IT IS A HIT. We transform our classroom into a military camp. Since our walls have to be covered for testing purposes, it works out perfectly! I cover the walls with 'military themed paper'--- AKA butcher paper.
Nothing Fancy.

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Items I Purchased:

*Buckets are from Walmart & Dollar Tree 

So here's how it works:

Each student is given a bootcamp 'Mission Folder' and badge for the week. They place any completed assignments inside their folder. 

Templates are from Katie Meyer on TPT. 

I create 'Missions' for each week. Each mission focuses on a specific skill or strategy that we have already learned throughout the school year. 
Each mission consists of some kind of hands-on activity. 
For example, Mission one might be a text structure sort. Mission two is answering sequencing task cards scattered across the room.
I divide each day of the week into four missions. The students are divided into four groups as well. They are each assigned a mission to begin with. Once they have completed that mission and i've checked their work, they will earn a star for their badge and are able to move on to the next mission. 
(The 'star' is really just a star sticker, but oh man do they get excited about that sticker! Yes, even fourth graders get excited about stickers.)
Pretty much: We did literacy centers, but I added a fun 'bootcamp' twist to it.
Some days might not consist of four missions or groups. In the image above you will see that Day 2 was focused on just whole-group missions. However, they were still rewarded for their completion.
You do NOT have to go out of your way to create something extremely over the top for each mission. Remember, you will be prepping a lot of activities ahead of time so you don't want to overwhelm yourself. I just tried to add a little 'flair' to each activity so that it was a bit more hands-on than a plain-old worksheet. 

I used these text structure task cards from Rachel Lynett on TPT and created these charts with the text structures written on them. Instead of just having the kiddos choose the multiple choice answer, they used tape to sort the passages based on their text structure. 

Testing bootcamp is definitely a fun and easy way to review with your kiddos right before state testing!

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