10 Earth Day Freebies

It's Earth Day Month! 
Earth day is one of my FAVORITE days to celebrate with my kiddos. I am a huge nature lover and try to do the best I can to take care of our planet. As teachers, we play a big role in teaching the importance of taking care of this beautiful place. Our kiddos are the ones that are going to stay here 
long after we're gone, right?
I'm sharing 10 Earth Day FREEBIES you can use with your kiddos throughout the month of April. 

1. Earth Booklet & Plant Sequencing Cards by Alleah Maree
In this freebie, you'll find a bunch of fun activities for your little students to learn about plants, how they grow, and the Earth! 

2. Trash to Treasure Digital Slides Project by Sweet Tooth Teaching

Google Slides STEM Project to help students understand the importance of reusing! Students will create an item using recycled/reusable materials found around their home. This is a DIGITAL resource which allows students to type in the text boxes and add photos. (Can be used on Google Slides or PowerPoint)

3. Earth Day Fact or Opinion by Lucky Little Learners
Grab this free Earth Day fact and opinion worksheet to help your students learn more about our planet and the Earth Day holiday. This Earth Day free worksheet is perfect for a quick independent activity in your classroom.
 Learn all about Earth Day by sorting facts and opinions about our planet.

4. Earth Day Necklace by The Crafty Classroom
Send your kiddos home with an important Earth Day message to share with their parents!

5. Happy Earth Vs. Sad Earth Sorting by Tot Schooling
This FREE Earth Day sorting activity goes beyond just recycling, teaching kids about how to take care of our planet through conservation, cleaning, reusing and planting. It also introduces children to air, water and land pollution.
Have your kiddos work in groups to sort out good and bad choices.

6. Earth Day Vocabulary Posters by Pocket of Preschool
 FREE Earth Day vocabulary posters! Plus Earth Day literacy, math, sensory, science, sensory, art, and fine motor activities and centers for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.
Display these all week long for reference!

7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Sort by Stories by Storie
Have your kiddos sort our different Earth Day scenarios based on the three R's.

8. Earth Day Reader by A Dab of Glue Will Do

Help your kiddos learn more about Earth Day with this nonfiction reader.

9. Earth Day Hat with Recycling Activity by Smitten with First
This cut & paste lesson on reducing, reusing, and recycling is turned into an adorable craft that kiddos can take home!

10. Earth Day Writing Sheets by Sweet Tooth Teaching

Earth Day writing and planning sheets will help your kiddos transfer everything they've learned onto paper! Also includes Earth craft to attach to their writing piece.

I hope you found these 10 freebies helpful! 

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