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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.

It is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Do you know what that means? SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Let’s be honest, you know we all dream about the smell of a brand new pack of Crayola crayons. 

I recently discovered a very convenient tool for teachers. You can now upload your school supply list to Walmart. Parents can easily access your list on the site and order directly to their home or school! This makes their shopping experience 1,000 times better. Because seriously, who has time to tackle the in-store madness during Back to School season? 

Not only that, but Walmart is the most affordable spot for school supplies. I don’t think anyone can beat two packs of Crayola crayons for $1.00. 

The best part is you can upload your list in just about any format. So yes, you may keep those cute PDF and PNG supply list templates!

Keep in mind that with this supply list uploader, parents can shop whichever way works best for them - online or in stores. (For those that do have time for in-store shopping, haha) They can even use the Walmart app and decide whether they want ‘Pick Up in Store’, ‘Shipped to Store’ or just have their online purchases shipped to their house.

Walmart is seriously school supply heaven and is stocked EVERYTHING the kiddos can possibly need! With this convenient access to local teachers' supply list, parents don’t have to run from store to store searching for that 3 inch binder or the purple folder you asked for. 

Here’s how I keep parents in the loop about this easy tool: A few weeks before school starts, I send a postcard out to my kiddos. It’s a cute way to introduce myself and let them know I am looking forward to meeting them. It’s also a great way to inform parents about our online supply list and allows them to get a head start on shopping. 

During our Open House, many parents already bring in supplies. For those that may not have received the post card or just haven’t purchased the supplies yet, I create a “Supply Corner” where parents can scan the QR code and access my list.

These are some of the items on my supply list this year. I recently added Flair Pens since I now allow my students to use them in their interactive notebooks! 

I hope this online Walmart list uploader helps your 2018-2019 school year run smoothly! 

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