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If you've followed along throughout my teaching journey, then you probably know how much of an interactive notebook fan I am! I've been using interactive notebooks in my classroom since my first year of teaching. We use them for reading, grammar skills, math, social studies, and science! I'm very big on organization and I feel that interactive notebooks are the best way to get kiddos to go back to previous activities and use them as a guide.
Well, interactive notebooks just got a WHOLE lot better because Five Star® has designed what every teacher has been dreaming about and waiting for: notebooks designed specifically for interactive note taking!  
You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am about this product! Their interactive notebook line includes four designs: 

During the summer I like creating "mock" notebooks for my kiddos. What exactly does that mean? Well, I set interactive notebook standards VERY high in my class. Therefore, I like showing them an example of what a neat and organized notebook should look like! We spend about two weeks at the beginning of the school year practicing cutting, glueing, using markers to outline, and flair pens to write. (Yes, even in third and fourth grade!)

So, I decided to create a mock notebook for my Third Grade Addition & Subtraction Interactive Notebook Product.

I'm loving the fact that these notebooks have page numbers and a side bar. I use the side bars for headings. However, they can also be used as side notes or to workout a math problem. The column on the left-hand side is also great for bulleted list.

Since my kiddos number all of their pages, I always make sure to include a table of contents at the beginning of the notebook. Interactive notetaking is not only engaging, but also an amazing reference tool. Keeping track of previous topics helps them have a review tool for assessments. 

I know we've all been on the struggle bus with missing interactive notebook pieces. Unfortunately when assignments don't get completed on the same day, kiddos tend to 'misplace' all their precut pieces. I've tried giving them little baggies to store their pieces, but of course those get 'misplaced' as well. šŸ™ˆ Officially saying goodbye to these excuses. Thank the heavens for these amazing pockets! 

The Five Star® Customizable Interactive Notebook and composition notebook even come with a front cover pocket!

I am SO excited about this product and will definitely be putting it at the top of my supply list this August! 

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