"Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today" Door Decor Kit

Hi there! It's BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON! Bitter sweet feelings all over. I'm feeling super excited about decorating my class this year, but pretty bumed that summer is over. I have a lot going on this year--- getting married in November and currently in the process of buying our first home! With that said, i'm sticking to my colorful theme from last year and incorporating a couple of Emojis around the room. Because seriously... Emojis are life. 

If you're looking to "Emojify" your classroom, (Yes, that's word and I just made it up) you can grab my Emoji & Donut Decor pack from my TPT shop!

Since it's BTS season and I know the struggle for a good bulletin board and/or classroom door, i've decided to share my all time favorite classroom door decor with ya'll! 

My "Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today" door design was a HUGE hit on Instagram and somehow ended up on Pinterest and Facebook as well! You can click the link below and just download it for free!

You can grab the decor kit in the 'Free Resource Library' section of the website OR by clicking the link below.


I would love to see your classroom doors once you have set them up. Feel free to tag me on Instagram or email me pictures at SweetToothTeaching@gmail.com 

Happy decorating! 💓


  1. Thank you so very much for the door display download!!! It's perfect!

  2. The link says I have to request permission.

    1. I found this to be true as well. If you get the link please share it with me.

  3. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me what the name of the fonts are please? I would love to use them!! The door looks amazing!!

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