Open House/ Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher night, Open House, Orientation....
One of the most exciting nights of the year! I get so eager to meet my kiddos and parents every year. I also want everything to look extra special for this night.
This year, we had an orientation before school started. The students and parents became familiar with the new building and had an opportunity to meet the teacher before the first day.
Our Open House took place this past Wednesday, almost a month after school started. 
Here's how I made these nights extra special:

I purchased .15 cent folders at Walmart to insert all of the important documents. One one side I added the documents to keep at home. The other side consisted of the documents that needed to be signed and returned. 

You can download the folder covers below.

 The starburst treat bag tags are from The Applicious Teacher

I got this wonderful idea from one of my coworkers. Magnets!! So easy to make. I designed a small business card on Powerpoint and purchased a roll of magnetic tape on Amazon. 

The parents can paste these on their fridge for easy access and even easier communication. 
 (I do not include my personal number. I've learned from my mistakes...)

 My wish list was displayed on these cute little cupcakes I downloaded for FREE from My Cute Graphics. I added textboxes to the images and inserted my wishes.

Click below to grab the Cupcake Templates
 FREE Cupcake Templates
A little lemonade and donuts..... and we're set!
Click the button below to grab the FREE folder covers, wish list sign, and lemonade tag.
 FREE Open House Resources
I would LOVE to see pictures of your Open House or Parent Night events! Don't forget to share photos and tag me at @SweetToothTeaching


  1. i cannot locate the cupcake layout, would you be able to help??

    1. I was able to find two (the green and pink ones) just by Google-ing "cupcake clipart."


  2. I love the meet the teacher template you used. How can I buy just the clipart with border? ~Thank you

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas and will be incorporating the cupcakes and lemonade. If you feed them, they will come! Thanks for the ideas! (-5th Grade Teacher)

  4. The wish list is soooo cute! But the link doesn't work. Can you make it available some other way to print?

  5. Can you upload a different link to the cupcakes? This one doesn't work! Thank you!

  6. Love this so much! Thank you so much for sharing and linking some freebies! What a time saver!

  7. Seriously! I'm going to be using so many of your ideas! Also, you may want to change the link to the clip artist with the cupcakes :) You put "my cute clip art" but the site is "my cute graphics" and I'm sure other people will want to use it too! Thanks for the freebies!!

  8. And for the record-- I meant that "Seriously" to be like "OMG" because this was great! Lol! I reread my comment and realized how it could sound! It was good!!!

  9. I absolutely love this! This is my first year teaching and I get to teach first grade bilinguals! I am super excited although everything needs to be done in Spanish and English! Is there any way I can get the first grade one in Spanish?

  10. Do you have a general "Welcome" version? I'm a special education teacher and have multiple grade levels in my classroom and would love to have one that says "Welcome to my classroom" instead, that way I can have them on my welcome packets throughout the year when new students are placed in my classroom.

  11. I'm using the cupcake wish list for my open house tomorrow night! Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!!! :)

  12. hello, are you able to make one that reads "welcome to PRE-KINDER" please

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