Organizing Weekly Assessments: Smooth School Year

Do you work with a basal reading series? Our district adopted Reading Wonders and I absolutely LOVE it! Of course, I tweak many things and I don't JUST use Reading Wonders. I integrate many TPT products and hands-on activities into my reading block. However, I do use the weekly assessments provided by the series. They target the benchmarks of the week and assess students on weekly grammar skills. Last year, I decided to create a binder to keep all of my weekly assessments.

I organize theme selection and grammar assessments by units. This makes it so much easier to locate the assessment every week and run the needed copies. This series does not come with a book of assessments. The assessments are found online. So, instead of having to log on and find them every week, I keep them all handy in this binder! (Plus, it looks super cute! haha)

I place the answer keys behind each unit divider. :) 
You can download these dividers for free HERE. (They're made for Reading Wonders only)
The beautiful digital papers are from Gabb'y Classroom

Simply cut the tabs and paste them on each divider. Make sure to measure the distance between each tab so they don't overlap! Once they all look perfectly aligned (This took me a couple of attempts LOL), laminate the entire divider. :) 

Enjoy & happy organizing!

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