BTS15-Monday Made It

It's August which means.... back to school season. #bittersweet
This also means, time to organize & create! I've linked up with Fourth Grade Frolics for my FAVORITE link party:

I painted my white Ikea stools to match my classroom. Absolutely in LOVE with the colors.
You can find these Ikea stools HERE for only $4.99! They're great for the computer station and/or guided reading table. 

Soo excited about this! Last year, I had my students purchase coupons from a coupon catalog using their Dojo Dollars. After choosing from the catalog, the students receive the actual coupon. What was the problem? No organization! I found this box at Ikea for $3.19. It's perfect! I label each coupon in my catalog with a number. (Ex: "Pick a Pencil" is coupon #1) The coupons are labeled in the box and it makes it much easier for me to find the correct one. 

The Ikea box can be found HERE.

The little monsters go perfect with my Classroom Economy set :) 
You can grab the box cover for FREE by clicking the link below.
(Make sure you comment if you use the freebie!)

Found these BEAUTIFUL containers at Family Dollar and I just had to get them! I promised myself I wouldn't do table caddies this year since they have been a disaster these last two years. Somehow, they always end up on the floor with no supplies inside. -_- I guess we'll see how they workout this year. The labels were a freebie provided by One Sharp Bunch

Spiced up my supply containers with my new chalkboard Supply Labels! 
Click HERE to find them in my TPT store. 

I found this pack of 3 storage containers at the Dollar Tree & decided to try a little makeover! I spray painted the lids, added some labels, and TA-DA! (They're kind of flimsy so we'll see how long they last.)

and finally, laminated my Motivational Posters to decorate some of the plain walls for the first weeks of school before putting up student work and anchor charts. You can also find these in my TPT store.

Well, time to create some more for NEXT Monday! Have a great week! :) 

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  1. Wow! You've been super busy. Everything looks so great!!
    Are We There Yet?

  2. What did you use to paint your stools? They look so vibrant! I have the stools in black and have been toying with the idea of redoing them in similar colors.

  3. I love your bright colors. Those stools look awesome. I need some cute reward coupons. Love it all.

  4. The stools turned out awesome! They really do look so cute in the classroom. i'm just hoping my sweet 5th grade angels don't rock in them because it drives me a little looney! I really like your coupon box too!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I love your stools and the box that you bought from Ikea!! I see a trip in my near future - if my husband doesn't cut up my credit card first! LOL!!

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