I'm Back!! Monday Made It!

I'm BACKKKK! Crazy to think it's been almost a year since i've blogged. New school, new grade, and finishing up my Reading masters had me going a bit....

Unfortunately, I was not only MIA from blogging, but also from the TPT world. 
Anyways! I'm back and thrilled about having time to create, plan, and organize. I decided to join in on an exciting challenge brought by some of my favorites, including Peppy Zesty Teacherista.
Lord knows I need all the help I can take, haha. 
At first I was a bit embarrassed by my stats after seeing all of these amazing creators with TPT stats in the thousands.... uhhh.. #disapointment 
But then I realized... well isn't this the point of the challenge?! I got this! I'll be working on making over some of my older products this week. Stay tuned. ;)

Since it's Monday, i've linked up Fourth Grade Frolics for 
End of year gifts for my second graders:

No serious crafting this week but I did create these motivational posters for the classroom. These can be printed on card stock, laminated, or framed. (I'm really digging the chalkboard style... maybe my upcoming classroom theme?)

Turned this mess into a Monday Made it project... this counts right?


A couple of hours were spent cleaning, organizing, and making space for those beautiful handbags on the floor. >_< 

This was the outcome:

This is how you know you're a teacher....

See ya later! 

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  1. Your gifts to you students are so sweet and thoughtful! And your closet looks so organized.... I'm jealous!! I'm right there with you about the stats for the TpT Challenge, but just like teaching, it isn't about comparing yourself to others, but rather motivating yourself to be and do your best #easiersaidthandone :)

    1. Thank you so much! Yup, I'm excited about the journey ahead! :)

  2. Holy cow-THAT'S an organized closet!!! Love everything you made-great job!!


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