Monday Made It!

Well.. I am definitely not a good blogger. It's tough updating this thing more than once a week... especially during BTS time. I finally get to see my new classroom tomorrow! I am so excited to start setting up everything. I'm also taking the boyfriend along to help me unload and set up. :) I got a lot done today. Decoration and organizational wise.. I think i'm pretty set. Now, I need to start creating my welcome packets and printing out some center activities! I'm not familiar with the second grade curriculum, so i'm a little nervous. We have our first PD on Thursday and i'll be learning all about the new Florida Standards. Hopefully I gain some insights there. I'll also get to meet my new co-workers! 

While I eat this delicious brownie ice cream with peppermint sprinkles and some crushed up cone pieces.. 

I'll share that I linked up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!
Downloaded lots of new goodies during the TPT sale (going back after this to buy some more =X) Also, I made that cute little "Word Wall" bunting. :)
Loving my Classroom Job chart from A Cupcake for the Teacher! Isn't it adorable?!

Got some new Washi tape from Office Depot for only $1! So, I decided to color coordinate the pencils for each group. I will be giving groups Dojo points at the end of the week if they do not lose any pencils. Last year, we went through a pack of pencils in a week! One of my goals this year is to create an effective pencil system. Let's see if this works! Does anyone have any other suggestions?

anddddd then.. I went a little Washi Tape crazy.. 

I also created some new products on TPT:

Perfect for organizing your objective board ;) Also, on sale right now! Plus if you use the BTS14 code within the next 24hours, you'll get an additional 10%. #score

So, I will be implementing Dojo points this year. I'm not going to lie.. I am very afraid of deviating away from my traditional clipchart. But i've heard such wonderful things about Dojo points and I have just been dying to try it out! I will be paying students using these cute little dollars I made. And we shall have... a CLASSROOM ECONOMY! Cha-ching!
I am currently working on making some coupons to go along with these. Students will be able to purchase coupons using these dojo dollars. This also helps ME save money. Filling up the treasure box with treats is not cheap my friends.. 

Surprise, Surprise! I'm having a little giveaway! If you would like any of these products for free, simply sign up below for your chance to win :) 

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  1. I loooove the pencil idea for your groups! I may have to do this for my centers! I like your job chart too... very creative!

  2. As far as the pencil system, I usually out a set number in each group and the table leader is responsible for counting them at the end of the day.
    I need to find out more about DoJo points! We use tickets for good behavior, etc and each day a group gets to "buy" from our store. My teammate and I use the same system and the kids love it.

  3. I love setting up my classroom and of course shipping for school supplies!

  4. I love your pencil idea! I think I cam going to try that! I hate using so many pencils!

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  5. Hi Yari,
    I do something similar with my pencils and my job board is hung the same way but a totally different theme - chalkboard...too funny! Glad I found you - I'm your newest follower.
    Teaching and Much Moore


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