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A day late.. i'm sorry. The Lebron news was very depressing and I wasn't able to blog. #Miamiislebronless

On other news, I joined up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 
After "speaking with the manager" at Staples, I was able to get this wonderful pack of 12 colorful sharpies for 1.50. I then applied a coupon for 30% off. #SCORE
As a graduate student, we had to create a literature niche for our student during the practicum. This was the finished result. :) We added new things every day. The "I can" chart on the corner was my favorite section. Natasha added a new thing she was able to do by the end of the day. Some of her hearts contained simple objectives like "Writing a complete sentence". Others contained phrases like " Making fourth grade inferences". She was very proud of her accomplishments and was very excited about sharing them with her parents during museum night. 

Enjoying my vacation. Mountain biking with my love and hitting the trails. (Yes, we got lost and I almost started crying. Please don't take me camping. haha)

My face when Lebron said he was going back to Cleveland.. 

TWO new products up on TPT! Finally done with it. It took me about a week to complete these. Idiom task cards and figurative language posters. Go check them out Here.  I am obsessed with these colorful backgrounds from Red Pepper Backgrounds
Also, look below for the chance to win this pack for free!

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  1. I have been obsessed with those same backgrounds! Love your blog, too!

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