I am officially back from an amazing vacation in Dominican Republic with some of my closest friends.

 Back to reality and it is now CRUNCH TIME PEOPLE! Teachers are back to school on August 11th and students begin August 18th. It is time to print, cut, laminate, organize, and prepare!!! It is very overwhelming just thinking about everything I have to do. It will get done though. I started preparing as soon as I came back and decided to link up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. :)

Spray painted and assembled my teacher tool box. I'm pretty happy with the outcome :) The labels are from Erica's Ed-Ventures. She seriously has the cutest stuff on her TPT store. 

Used my supply labels to organize materials. Not sure if I will have space for these cute bins but I am sure hoping so! 
You can find these cute labels at my TPT store here.

Finally assembled my planner! This literally took WEEKS of printing considering that I purchased the slowest printer in the universe. haha But it came out awesome! I seriously love all the pages included in this pack. Definitely worth it. 

Well, that's all for this Monday. Hopefully I can get a lot more done this week. I have my Reading Endorsement exam on Saturday so I need to get a lot of studying done as well. -_-

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It's been a hectic week. After I found out I was officially teaching second grade, i've been running around like a mad woman buying stuff for my new classroom. I think I might have overdone it. It's just some people don't understand. If you have a perfectly organized classroom, the rest of the school year will run smoothly. I am still undecided about my theme. I originally planned on doing a garden theme with colorful chevron. I did "Under the sea" last year, but I still LOVE the idea. I've seen so many cute things on TPT and Pinterest. Any ideas? I still haven't seen my new classroom. I heard it was TINY. I'm a little scared that I won't be able to do everything I have in mind. *Fingers crossed*

This week I linked up with Doodle Bug Teaching for Five for Friday. Here's a peak inside my week.

Went to ACE educational store today and almost fainted. That place is LITERALLY teacher heaven. I started screaming "omg so many borders!!" when I saw the border section. The sales associate looked at me like I was crazy. 

Early birthday present from my parents. I read a couple of reviews on this printer and was told it was compatible with cheap ink which is great for printing out 3821412 center activities from TPT. haha Unfortunately, the quality isn't as great as i'd expected. :\ I guess you get what you pay for, right?

True Life: I'm addicted to containers... and this is only half of the collection. 

Guess what i'm working on?! Yup, can't wait to paint and organize this baby! Teacher tool box :) I'm thinking hot pink paint and some chevron tape. 
New affix product up on TPT. Absolutely love this activity and the kids do too! I had a similar one last year and my fourth graders loved it. Students attempt to create new words using the suffix or prefix they land on. :) Check it out at my TPT store here

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It definitely has been an eventful day. I woke up sick, found out there was a leakage in our summer camp classroom, had one of my students drop my brand new ipad and break the screen (i'll pretend i'm super calm and collected and move on), received an email informing me that I will now be teaching SECOND grade (yes, I am a nervous/anxious wreck!), had a doctor's appointment for a stomach pain i've had for over two years, got pulled over by a very mean cop, and received my brand new printer in the mail. :) I guess it was a mix of good and bad events. 

This will be my second year teaching. Last year, I taught fourth grade to a group of magnificent students. They were honestly the most perfect group of students any teacher could ask for. They made my first year of teaching a very memorable one. They were as obsessed with me as I was with them. We had great chemistry and they had such enthusiasm and passion for learning. I had a variety of low and high students. Nonetheless, they all enjoyed learning. My classroom management system was very efficent. I used the clip chart with the colors and gave the students tickets on a daily basis depending on what color they were on by the end of the day. At the end of the week, the students had the opportunity to purchase things from the treasure box using their tickets. Many students saved up to buy some of the really cool stuff! (I had one student that saved up from the first day of class till the end of the school year. Let's just say she emptied out the entire treasure box.) I felt like fourth grade was the perfect grade. They were old enough to help me grade, file, and I had very little issues with tattle telling. Now I am embarking a new journey...

I honestly do not know what to expect. I have always heard "second grade is the best grade to teach!" I am just afraid of the 'babysitting' part of the job. I am afraid that my classroom management system won't work the same with this age level. What if they aren't independent enough?! I will also be teaching every subject. (I only taught reading and writing last year). I guess it is just a lot to soak up. I was reading up on Amber's blog over at Peppy Zesty Teacherista. She had a great post about her dojo point reward system. I am eager to implement it this upcoming year. I am hoping these second graders are able to handle it. haha I guess I'm not going to know what I am in for until the first day of class when I meet the little munchkins. I remember growing up, I always said I wanted to teach second grade. Well, here's my opportunity. 

These next few weeks are going to consist of a lot of searching, buying, printing, cutting, and laminating of new products and activities! Oh, and now I need to stock up on books for my classroom library. My chapter book collection was just starting to grow :( 

Here's a little preview of an awesome organization binder set I just bought from Haley O'Connor.

 You have no idea how excited I am about printing this and putting it all together.
^ Literally that excited...

Well, back to work. So much to do, so little time! Don't forget to sign up for the Figurative Language giveaway below! :)

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A day late.. i'm sorry. The Lebron news was very depressing and I wasn't able to blog. #Miamiislebronless

On other news, I joined up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 
After "speaking with the manager" at Staples, I was able to get this wonderful pack of 12 colorful sharpies for 1.50. I then applied a coupon for 30% off. #SCORE
As a graduate student, we had to create a literature niche for our student during the practicum. This was the finished result. :) We added new things every day. The "I can" chart on the corner was my favorite section. Natasha added a new thing she was able to do by the end of the day. Some of her hearts contained simple objectives like "Writing a complete sentence". Others contained phrases like " Making fourth grade inferences". She was very proud of her accomplishments and was very excited about sharing them with her parents during museum night. 

Enjoying my vacation. Mountain biking with my love and hitting the trails. (Yes, we got lost and I almost started crying. Please don't take me camping. haha)

My face when Lebron said he was going back to Cleveland.. 

TWO new products up on TPT! Finally done with it. It took me about a week to complete these. Idiom task cards and figurative language posters. Go check them out Here.  I am obsessed with these colorful backgrounds from Red Pepper Backgrounds
Also, look below for the chance to win this pack for free!

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